Saturday, 23 June 2012

10 Ways To Up Your Blog!

Lets face it - blogging is tough. Maybe more to some than to others - but its tough. You go the waves of rejections and constant promotions and you get nowhere. Bummer right?
Here are 10 ways to set your blog in the right direction!
1- Always set your goals
Like in any business you should have aims when starting your blog. eg- I decided that I would have my blog up and running in a week and by the end of my first month to reach 1000+ veiws. This motivated me to keep to my goal.
2- Consider your blog's category 
What should your blog follow? There are crazy amount of avenues your blog can target. Streetstyle, Photography , DIY etc. never start a blog confused its category. Trust me , it shows.
3- Your blog name
This is very important. Why?Because reflects your entire blog! Catchy and unique names are bound to attract veiwers! So put some thought into it !
4- Social networking
FACEBOOK and TWITTER!! I can't stress it enough!! I myself was against twitter for the longest time and now I kick myself for not doing it sooner. Pinterest and Bloglovin are so important to bloggers to reach out to more of their target audience. I would say about 90% of readers come from these sources.
5- What would your readers like? Rising trends?
No one likes a fashion blogger who does know their trends. Always keep yourself updated. What are the latest spring colours? What jackets are in trend? etc. If your reader is looking for the latest trends , you should be able to give them that.

6- Post at least 4 times a month
Blogging is competitve. Posting regularly is essential to maintain readers interest. If your out of touch with your blog posts make it a point to blog regularly.
7- Pictures speak a thousand words 
They really do. The human eye gets attracted to the pictures you post and only then read the content. Make sure your pictures and clear and pertaining to the topic. Also keep the literature small. People lose interest in big paragraphs.

8- Clutter never works
Ever seen those blogs which are packed with side links and small space for reading material? Its a total turnoff. Sidelinks are essential- but just keep the ones you need. You may be inadvertantly turning off readers.
9- Communicate!!!!
This is in my oppinion one of the biggest reasons bloggers find it hard to survive. Read your veiwers comments and even if they havn't posted their link, try to find them. You don't need to follow them- but a comment would brighten their day.
Keep in touch with them on twitter , facebook and make them feel like you care.

10 - Never compare
I'm a victim of this too.  Comparing yourself with other bloggers is natural. And yes, you feel disheartened. But stop to think about whether you are in the same category as them, how long have they been blogging etc. Its not about how many followers there are its about the content of the blog.

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  1. nice tips, Thanks!


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    IT would be great if you could stop by my bloG and support Eisha throgh your comment in her contest as she is representing my island Mauritius.The one who raises the most publicity wins,hope she wins.

  3. Agree 100%:) I would also add cooperate with the other bloggers:)

  4. it is true that if any body ask me what is a rising trend my answer will be Fashion a rising trend

  5. These are such great tips, thank you for sharing them. xxx

  6. these are great tips, thanks for sharing :)

  7. Many Peoples mostly women like fashion therefor Fashion a rising trend

  8. love this topic :)