Wednesday 9 November 2011

DIY Louis Vuitton Gold Collar

DIY collars have been making the rounds nowadays and I had every intention of jumping on the bandwagon
And when i saw Louis Vuittons Gold Collar Necklace I was in love ..
BUT - like many it was out of my pocket reach . So whats a girl to do?

Picture courtesy of  Pair and a Spare


For this you'll need

Gold Plastic 2mm( Any stationary shop will have it )
A4 size paper
Chalk pencil
And sissors

PART 1 Drafting the collar

Measure your neck.

Divde it by half
Create a rectangle on the paper
Length 1/2 your neck Width how broad you want your collar

Move 1 end of the rectangle up 1 cm and round the curve .
Create the pointed collar.

Just follow the diagram here

 Cut out the below diagram

PART 2 Cutting the collar

Place the Paper cut out of the collar onto the plastic sheet..
Mark outline in chalk- flip over at the end and mark other side.

In the end it should look like this

Cut it out .Punch holes in the front.

Tie with string .. Voila!



  1. Waw this LV collar is very beautiful, I didn't know that they do that kind of accesories... Did you wear the one U made ?


  2. i wanna see the final version of the one you made!

  3. Amazing!! I have been wanting one of these LV collars since I first layed eyes on them, now i have decided to do the D.I.Y version thanks to you girl :) Lovely to see your details left on my group, im following you now please do check out my blog and follow if you like.



  4. Congrats on being part of Links a la Mode this week - well deserved!

    Best, Jenny

  5. Such a great DIY! I definitely feel inspired :)

    Congrats on being featured on IFB's Links a la Mode this week!


  6. Great DIY, i just don`t know what is the material you used :/


  7. Very creative! Congrats on links a la mode. Love your new follower dani.xx
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