Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lace Nails

Lace nails seem to be taking to the ramp and red carpet a lot these days

Turns out , its super easy to acheive this look!
You'll need
  1. Lace trim
  2. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail polish
  3. Tweezers


  • First, buff , clean aand trim the nails.
  • Select the lace you'd like to decorate you nails with.
  • Cut the lace out according to the shape of the nails.
  • Apply a thick coat of Sally Hansen clear nail polish.
  • Immediately press the cut lace onto the selsected nail with tweasers.
  • Apply a clear coat onto the nail again.
This can be done in different colours, studded with diamontes-the choice is yours!




  1. I love these, especially the black lace on the nude nail. Definitely will need to try this, thanks!