Friday, 9 September 2011

DIY Geek chic Waistcoat


Ive made mine from scratch,But you can make this from a ready to wear waist coat too
  1. Open the shoulder and side seams of the waist coat.
  2. Use different ribbons to create the weaved checked effect
  3. Ive used a basic satin ribbon, thin and fat velvet trim too to create contrast.
  4. Decide in what way do you want to weave it- the most basic weave 1 up 1 down

    Ive used the method 1 up 1 down
Then 2 down 1 up
Then 1up one down
Then 2down 1 up

Confusing? Try your own combinations
Heres another smple of a basic weave

           Place on your waist coat vertically
Please note your seams should be open so the waist coat looks like this

Start layering the ribbons onto the fabric in the formation you want
Sew seams back together to acheive the perfect Geek Vest!!
Layer the vertically 1st then the horizontal.

Then start flilling in the horizonal ribbons

Now do both panels the exact same way!

I still have to add the buttons...

  At Lakme fashion Week 2011 F/W Sabyasachi showed geek chic

 At Dsquared 2011 geek chic was rampant on the runway


  1. Very cool vest. I've been sitting on a weaving DIY idea for a while now and may embark on the task soon!