Thursday, 15 September 2011

DIY Swarovski Crystallized Shoes in Progress


For this DIY you'll need
  1. Shoes of your choice.
  2. Design you want.
  3. Crystals ( I've used Swarovski Crystallized- but those are a little expensive you can use the Chinese ones)
  4. Glue, Fevi bond or Fevi stick
  5. Jewel Setters
  6. PATIENCE!                                                                       
          Time- 3-4 days

Test out a small sample

Start  sticking them on to the heel

Do it in small portions.

Heel completed!


  1. it'a lot of work but worth the result!

  2. These are gorgeous, how long did it take you?

  3. still in progess but i finished 1 shoe in 2 days.When they're ready ill post them !

  4. I love your DIY great idea.I just followed your blog.I can't wait to try this out.I need to share this with my BF.

  5. Love these shoes, hope you don't mind, posted it on my blog too but did link it back to you :)

  6. This is fantastic!! They look fab! Where are those from? Tresmode?

  7. Love, love love these! I am making a purse and it does take awhile! I made two phone cases I love (much quicker than a purse). Adding your site to my crafty links!