Thursday, 14 June 2012

Isme Womens Fashion and  Clothing

Celebrities are more than familiar with intense media scrutiny – such is the nature of the beast. When it comes to the question of who’s wearing what, the judgements abound. Countless times we’ve seen Carol Vorderman adorning our media pages – her dress sense once again the subject of much discussion. The bedlam that her bust creates knows no bounds. Likewise the furore whipped up by her figure-hugging frocks.    

The crux of the endless debate isn’t whether she looks fantastic or is fashion-forward in her style choices, but rather, whether a woman of her age should be dressing as she does.
Younger women’s outlandish outfits tend to be met with slightly more positive opinion. The wearer is likely to be classed as edgy and expressionistic. If interviewed about their style, it’s a given that their wardrobe is bursting at the hinges, full of unique, one-off finds from quirky little vintage stores. At the other extreme, even those displaying considerably more flesh than clothing are more generously described as driven, media-courting, business women.

It would seem then, that youth is forgiven everything, whilst age should know better. The older woman is supposed to know what suits your her body shape and to have nailed her sense of style. This doesn’t allow, however, for the vast variations in how we feel about ourselves at different periods in life. Inevitably, the inner workings are expressed by the outer shell.

For some, their own particular style is stoic, and they will fly in the face of fashion, come hell or high water. For others, an unbending faith in fashion presides, and they will sport the latest garb, irrespective of whether or not it displays their assets to the utmost.

Attitudes to ladies clothing and fashion have changed to a certain extent. Outfits that would once have been classed at best as outlandish, at worst as brassy, are no longer seen as such when worn by the older woman. This is evident in the way the former favourite of mothers everywhere – the elasticated waist – has been replaced by the yummy mummy’s staple, the skinny jean. Women no longer view fashion as the domain of the young and want to feel and look as good as they can – irrespective of age. If you’ve got it, you don’t necessarily need to flaunt it. But you certainly don’t need to disguise it either.  


  1. oh my goodness, these are so pretty! loving these impressionistic florals this season. elle recently said that wearing florals right makes you look like a painting! nothing better than that!
    kw, ladiesinnavy

  2. The first dress is so gorgeous!