Sunday, 12 February 2012

R.I.P Whitney Houston

I was so shocked to turn on CNN and see a picture of Whitney Houston with 1963-2012.
No doubt her drug addiction had a part in her death. Never the less - she was a Music Legend immortalized in her songs ( I know your already singing them)
Whitney's ex-husband Bobby Brown, with whom she admitted taking illegal drugs, was reported to be
 "in and out of crying fits" after hearing the  news.

It will be very interesting what the Grammys will throw in last minute to tribute this great legend. Jennifer Hudson will perform a very powerful tribute tonight.
She will be missed....

PS- I'm sorry readers I've not been updating my blog, I'm currently creating my own collection and I'm gonna keep updating my blog so that you guys can see my collection step by step. Love you guys!


  1. She was a great singer and she acted very well in "Bodyguard". R.I.P., Whitney!

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