Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to DIY an old scarf

I had an old scarf which was so beautiful but I hadn't worn it in ages! The  reason being it was torn from the bottom - But it looked so good on me I had to salvage it!
Since its made of chiffon, I sprayed the table lightly with water so it did not fly off and didn't shift.
Place the ruler on the torn part and even it out with a straight line. Mark with a chalk line.

Cut of the marked part and fold 1cm. iron - Since the cloth is wet it will act like its been pressed.

Stitch in a straight line down.

Cut of excess... Done!!


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  2. Awesome DIY project girl!!! Must do the same with my old scarves!

    <3 Marina

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  4. you're so creative!!
    not everybody can do this thing like you...
    LOVE, saphira

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