Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pearl Necklace DIY !!

I think my sudden love for pearls started when I went to a jewlery store and
saw a simple strand of pearls being sold for the most ridiculous price.
That pretty much started my love for pearl necklaces cause I thought if
I can make it, why buy it?
So I put my little twist on it and voila!

This tutorial is pretty simple - you can create endless possibilites
from a strand of pearls

Just remeber the neclace should fit over your head
and your good to go

String up pearls till they fit over your head. Thread both strings through the last bead

Start threading a pearl through each pearl in the necklace. Since its plastic wire you're using, it will
flip each bead to different sides which is what you want.

Halfway done..let the pearls rest on alternate sides

It shouuld look something like this - dont worry if it doesnt!
The beauty is in the imperfections!



  1. That's such a good idea. It's something I always do absent-mindedly with a necklace when I'm in lessons, but never actually thought any more on it!
    I'm going to try doing that with one of my pearl necklaces and see where that gets me!

  2. wow, looks great, m very fond of chunky pearl necklaces...looks so beautiful

  3. This looks better than what I see in most stores! Nicely done and you look gorgous!
    XO - Marion

  4. Very cute, very different! I love it!

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